Meet The Medical Team

Meet The
Medical Team

With over 40 years of experience treating infectious diseases such as HIV, STD, and Hepatitis C, the HealthyMD team has set its sights on building a safer sexual health community. Our dedicated licensed medical staff and support team is helping individuals take full control of their sexual health by making safer, better choices.  HealthyMD’s dynamic online platform puts you in complete control. No matter where you are in the U.S., you no longer need to visit a doctor’s office or wait for help. With us, you can:
  • Access our secure Patient Portal to view private health information or manage your medications and prescriptions.
  • Schedule Telehealth visits five days a week at times convenient for you!
  • Speak privately to a live, licensed medical provider about medical concerns, test results, and more.
  • Get Answers to your frequently asked questions online. You can also reach our Patient Services specialists by phone at 844-444-3402 five days a week or via email at

Our secure, comprehensive, and confidential online patient portal is available through our mobile app and it allows both the medical provider and the patient to access private health information, schedule telehealth appointments, manage prescriptions, and more on the go!

With our mobile app, medical providers and patients can access private health information, schedule telehealth appointments, and manage prescriptions and medications.

HealthyMD delivers the highest level of patient care possible to eliminate the stress of getting tested. We help you take care of your sexual health with the utmost discretion. Order one of our test kits and do it yourself or schedule a healthcare provider to come to you and help you collect the sample, the choice is yours. Without ever having to hunt down an appointment at a clinic, HealthyMD will come to you wherever you are!

Save time, money, and energy, our specialized concierge service offers a high level of personalized engagement that alleviates the worry and stress associated with getting tested and receiving your results. Get prescriptions, expedite consultations, and more all in a single visit!

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